The Do’s –

  • Do locate the water source and turn it off immediately
  • Do turn off the circuit breakers supplying electricity to the flooded areas
  • Do relocate valuable items like electronics, paintings, and even area rugs from the flooded areas
  • Do remove and place wet cushions in a dry area
  • Do begin to sweep out standing water if possible before we arrive on scene
  • Do allow air to circulate through the room by opening windows

The Dont’s –

  • Don’t use a vacuum cleaner to remove water
  • Don’t use ceiling fans on wet ceilings
  • Don’t leave valuable or furniture on wet flooring



The Do’s –

  • Do open windows for ventilation
  • Do turn off the A/C to prevent spreading ashes
  • Do avoid any areas where there may be hot spots or significant damage

The Dont’s –

  • Don’t toss any items until an inventory has been taken for insurance purposes
  • Don’t wash ceilings, surfaces or walls – leave that to FLORIDA RESTORATION
  • Don’t eat any food that could be contaminated by the fire

General Information

Do TURN OFF and UNPLUG all heating devices – For example:

  • Curling irons
  • Electric blankets
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Hairdryers
  • Air purifiers

The Dont’s –

  • Don’t leave your home while the washer, dryer or dishwasher is operating
  • Arrival in 45 mins or less

  • Water damage clean up

  • Help with your claims

  • Clean, experienced and professional technicians at every job

“Florida Restoration acted with urgency, precision and with great customer service when called on a Sunday morning. Apparently the waterline to the ice machine in my refrigerator burst over night and wasn’t shut off until I woke up to a flooded floor in the morning. A good friend of mine recommended Florida Restoration. I was giving the owner’s (Ryan Kennedy) phone number and called him immediately. I gave him a quick breakdown over the phone of our situation and explained that we needed emergency help right away. He said that he was in Naples, FL and was about an hour and a half away from my location in Cape Coral, FL. Nevertheless, he understood our critical situation and managed to drop what he was doing to come to our rescue. Upon his arrival, he assisted us in removing the remaining standing water in the house then explained how these processes typically work and what we were to expect. Soon after, him and his crew got to work measuring and documenting the extent of the water damage to the walls, cabinets, and floors. They then set up multiple dehumidifiers and fans, began to tear out any drywall that they couldn’t salvage, and ordered a plumber to identify and fix the leak. Currently, Florida Restoration is doing a great job helping as we coordinate the claim with our homeowner’s insurance. They have and are doing a really great job. Highly recommend!

Albert Martes-Rodriguez