Mold can go undetected which causes substantial problems as it continues to quietly grow and eventually cause structural damage and health implications.

Certain rooms in the home can be more susceptible to mold like bathrooms and kitchens. And one tiny leak can lead to massive mold problems. Similar to all of the other damage we remedy, mold can be extremely dangerous to attempt to remove yourself.
FLORIDA RESTORATION technicians are highly skilled and effective at mold removal and preventing the spores from spreading throughout the home during the process. If you believe you have a mold issue, CALL FLORIDA RESTORATION today for mold remediation.

What is mold?
Found both inside and outside, mold is a fungus with more than 100,000 known species of which more than 1,000 are present in the United States. Florida is a breading ground for mold since mold grows rapidly in moisture and humidity. It doesn’t take much time for mold to become an overwhelming and extremely costly problem.

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“I contacted Florida after they were recommended to me by a friend. My family has rental properties and we had a sewage backup due to the tenant flushing things down the toilet. At the time I called Florida Restoration sewage was pushing up into the toilets and showers. They arrived on site and assessed the situation, they informed me we needed to get a plumber to fix whatever was causing the back up and referred a plumbing contractor. The plumber was prompt and efficient, he ran a camera through the lines and found the blockage. They even saved the footage onto a thumb drive for me to turn into my insurance company. Florida Restoration did all of the tear out, clean up and even brought in a guy to do testing to make sure nothing was left behind from the nasty water. They sat down with me and went over the invoice, they took the time to explain each line item and helped me to send it to my homeowners insurance. Every person I worked with was top notch and couldn’t have been more professional. These guys deserve the review i am writing because of the job they did. Keep up the great work and thank you Ryan for everything you did for us!

Brian Wohl