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With more than two decades of experience, FLORIDA RESTORATION is a trusted water damage restoration company serving Ft Myers/Naples and Southwest Florida for water damage restoration, water cleanup and removal services and hurricane damage cleanup. Our highly skilled team of experts treats your home or business with the same care and concern as though it were ours. We understand that your property is one of your greatest investments and we attack the problem and restore, remediate and resolve so you can quickly return. Many of our competitors use an automated answering service. When you call FLORIDA RESTORATION, you will speak directly with our organization and the dispatch process can begin as quickly as immediately! 

24/7 Water Damage Restoration & Water Removal Services

Whether it starts with one small water spot that turns into massive plumbing damage and standing water or an overwhelming storm, water damage occurs far too often in Florida. The trusted professionals at FLORIDA RESTORATION are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist in any plumbing or flooding problem that occurs. Our experienced technicians understand how to masterfully restore water damaged property involving crawl space water damage, your living area, or any other area of your home or office in need. Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, you can feel confident that our team will remove water efficiently and effectively.

What to do when a Disaster Strikes

Water Damage Services Ft Myers/Naples FL

We will be with you through every part of the process including the water extraction, water restoration, and any other flood cleanup or water removal services that are fitted to your situation. We use all available water mitigation services to give you the best residential or commercial property restoration.

Water Damage Services in Ft Myers/Naples FL

Water damage can occur from hurricanes, floods, and other general storms. Having to deal with the aftermath becomes frustrating for most. However, sometimes it’s not an outside cause for the flooding but instead home issues such as broken or leaky pipes, sink overflow, bathtub overflow, toilet overflow, refrigerator, water heater, washing machine, or dishwasher overflow, air conditioner leaks, sump pump failure, or hardwood floor water damage, our water damage restoration specialists in Ft Myers/Naples FL are highly trained and certified in the latest water removal techniques and technology.

Whether you've had large-loss from sudden storm damage, or have some broken pipe water damage or even just leaky pipe water damage, the results can be the same - you'll need water restoration done quickly and by professionals. When you need emergency water removal, we make it our mission to check your home from top to bottom to make sure that all excess water and moisture is eliminated.

Storm and Hurricane Damage

Hurricane Damage Augustine FL

When storm damage happens, your first call should be to FLORIDA RESTORATION. Our team of experts will effectively and efficiently remove standing water before it weakens your floors and damages your foundation causing lasting effects.

Ft Myers/Naples Sewage Backup Cleanup & Removal

We also provide sewage backup cleanup and sewage removal. Sewage damage can contain high amounts of harmful bacteria and there are serious health risks associated with it. It’s critical that you do not try to clean up a mess from broken pipes that are connected to a sewage line. Coming in contact with raw sewage can cause disease, can destroy your valuables and cause severe damage to your property. Only trained professionals with the right equipment should handle sewage backup cleanup and removal.

Our team of professionally certified experts at FLORIDA RESTORATION have years of experience resolving various sewage cleanup and repair problems. If you are suffering from sewage damage, give us a call immediately.

The #1 Choice in Water Damage Cleanup for Ft Myers/Naples FL

Water Damage Cleanup Ft Myers/Naples FL

When you need water damage repair done quickly and professionally, we will be there to help. Our team is on-call 24 hours a day. We provide residential and commercial water damage cleanup throughout Ft Myers/Naples and the surrounding areas. Call us today if you are experiencing an emergency water damage crisis.


We provide water damage cleanup throughout Fort Myers/Naples, Bonita Springs/ Estero, Sanibel/Captiva, Marco island, and ALL of SWFL.

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